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How To Find UnclaimedFunds 

from Thomas DiNapoli, Comptroller


How to find unclaimed funds:

Search using the person's full legal name as well as nicknames and maiden names that might have been used on accounts. 

Directory of Useful Telephone Numbers & Websites

Attached is a list of useful telephone numbers and websites for Federal Agencies and other organizations.   Click on the white button for the list




How You Can Help Your Family After Your Death or Incapacitation

A Checklist for a Surviving CSA Spouse or Domestic Partner





2023 IRMAA Application

The 2023 Medicare Part B IRMAA Reimbursement Form has been released by the City Office of Labor Relations.  It is available by clicking on the yellow button below.







CSA Legal Service Plan

CSA has negotiated a free legal service plan for all CSA Retirees.  Click on the red button below for detailed information.



Zoom Hosting Resource Sheet

On December 21, 2020 the CSA Queens Retiree Chapter held a virtual a Zoom Hosting Workshop presented by Susan Rippe Hoffman.  Click on the white button for the Resource Sheet from that workshop.




Updates from Norm Sherman

Click on the Purple Buttons below for Updates

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